C-Street Mexican Grill
                                                Wilmington, NC

We’re kinda hidden over here, but once you find the secret spot, we hope you’ll be back. It may be the cool atmosphere or the convenient location, but it’s probably gonna be the food. Everything is made fresh that day...cut, diced, sliced and grilled. (See our “This is how we do it” page.) All of the veggies are from a local produce company. Nothing is ever frozen or nuked. It’s just fabulous flavors bursting in every bite. Everything is laid out in front of you, and you add to your burrito or taco as it’s passed down the line... you know the drill. It’s those spur-of-moment additions that will finally build YOUR perfect burrito. But if you’re not in the creative mood, we have some tried-and-true variations that’ll knock your socks off. Now flip to the menus & pics and get your juices flowing...

Hey!   Thanks for checking us out...we’re glad you 
found us.
Come see us at Long Leaf Mall, corner of Shipyard and College, next to Medac & the Mail Room.
columbia st.